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Adams, Jordan & Herrington, P.C. offers comprehensive legal assistance and representation to drivers in Macon who were hurt in a rear-end collision. We have the experience with car accident cases and the knowledge of Georgia liability laws required to pursue claims for people who were rear-ended and who accidentally rear-ended another driver who suddenly slammed on the brakes. In either situation, we will want to do everything we can to secure as much compensation for you as possible.

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Determining Rear-End Collision Fault

Insurance companies tend to assume that the rear car in a rear-end collision is the one who is at fault. A careful examination of the accident and available evidence could show otherwise, though.

Some liability could be placed on the front driver in a rear-end collision if they:

Situations like those described above make it so important to work with a rear-end accident attorney like those you can find at our firm. Fault and liability could unfairly be pinned on you just because you were the rear driver in a crash if you aren’t prepared to challenge the other driver’s arguments. Or you could have been rear-ended while stopped but the other driver could still try to find a way to blame you. With a lawyer’s help, you can be better prepared for such challenges.

Whiplash Injuries Caused by Rear-End Collisions

Slow-speed rear-end collisions can still cause serious injuries, especially to people who are in the front car. The sudden force on the back of the car can cause their neck to rock back and forth quickly and abruptly, resulting in whiplash. Although whiplash often starts as a dull ache, without proper medical attention and aftercare, it can worsen quickly to a debilitating neck injury.

Symptoms of whiplash include:

Mild whiplash will usually heal after a few weeks and with plenty of care. Moderate whiplash that lasts for months might need a longer prescription regimen of painkillers and muscle relaxers, as well as physical therapy. Severe whiplash can last for years before it starts to get better. In such cases, neck surgery might be recommended if a doctor suspects the rear-end collision caused damage to the spinal cord or vertebrae.

Settlements for Rear-End Collisions

As with most car accident cases, rear-end collision claims usually end with a settlement that avoids litigation. Insurance companies do not like going to court where the details of a case become public, so they tend to try to offer a settlement to close a case. Does that mean you will be offered a fair settlement for your rear-end accident claim? Not necessarily.

You should be careful when working on a settlement with an insurance company because it will likely try to get you to agree to an amount that is much smaller than what you are actually owed. Furthermore, you might not be able to fully calculate the value of your claim if you have not reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI), something that could take some time if you have severe whiplash from the crash. To prevent yourself from making a big mistake with your rear-end collision case, it is highly advised that you hire an attorney to manage your case on your behalf.

Our Legal Professionals Can Take the Lead

At Adams, Jordan & Herrington, P.C., we understand that you are going through a lot after being in a rear-end collision. Whether you were in the front car or the rear car, you are going to feel stressed about proving liability. Matters will only be worse if you also have to deal with recovering from an injury like whiplash. Let us take the lead on your case and take all of your worries off your shoulders.

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